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This is an anonymous note posted through the letterboxes in the area.

I donít agree that things are quite as bleak as this note suggests, but there is useful information.

Another useful number, listed in the Holmewood Directory, is Streetscene.

They are usually fairly good at fixing faults that have been reported to them. (e.g. faulty street lighting)

Tel:††† 020 7926 9000

Email: StreetSceneAdmin@Lambeth.gov.uk


Residents, are you fed up with the deteriorating situation in this area? Car crime is out of control, our street lights are inadequate and frequently do not work. The poor lighting is helping the criminals to operate easily after dark; they are frequently active in the daytime as well,


One problem is that victims of crime are not reporting many of these crimes to the police, mainly because they feel that it is a waste of time. I urge you to report even the smallest of crimes to the police, this is our only chance to improve the situation. I also urge you to report all crimes to the Leader of Lambeth Council, who also appears unaware of the situation. Tom Franklin is one of our ward councillors, I am sure he hopes to be re- elected next year!

Let's tell him what is really happening here. We need improved lighting and a better response from the police.


Here are some useful contacts:

         PC Paul Lang 020 8649 2396 (You can leave a message)

         Inspector Graham Sutherland 020 8649 2370

         Cllr Tom Franklin 020 7926 2965 (you can leave a message) or e-mail: tfranklin@lambeth.gov.uk

         Cllr Toren Smith 020 8671 7533 or e-mail: tjsmith@lambeth.gov.uk


Don't suffer in silence- TELL SOMEONE!!