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Newsletter No. 12, March 2000

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Newsletter No. 11, March 2000                                       Free distribution to 250 households


Holmewood Neighbourhood Associattion




HNA Meeting:

Annual General Meeting


The next HNA meeting will be held at,


The Friends Meeting House

Redlands Way



Wednesday 15th March

8pm start,

with tea and coffee.



Election of Committee Members

Come and vote for the HNA committee – or even stand for election yourself.  No experience necessary – just willingness and a little time

HomeZone Report Back

Update on how the Consultation Process is being designed to find out YOUR views on the HomeZone


From the Editor


Welcome to the new millennium and the latest HNA newsletter.  Our Annual General Meeting is next Wednesday 15th - please come along.  If anyone would like to be involved in the HNA committee, please let me know or just turn up and let one of the existing committee know.  We are always looking for extra help.  The position of Social Secretary remains vacant and it would be useful to have Newsletter Distribution Manager.  All the other positions are up for re-election – it doesn’t have to be the same people all the time!


As well as normal AGM business, there will be other items of discussion and a report back on what has happened so far regarding the HomeZone project.  This will be a brief summary of progress to date, but for those who cannot attend, please rest assured that:


·      No decisions whatsoever have been taken yet to proceed with a HomeZone

·      HNA have been working with Lambeth Council to design the ‘Consultation Process’.  This will establish whether residents even want a HomeZone and if so what is should contain, by asking the residents themselves!


So as to not let other HNA activities become swamped by HomeZone news, we have decided to run a separate HomeZone newsletter and fortnightly meetings dedicated to the HomeZone issue.  We would like to have input from as many people as possible and intend to have a running ‘Letter Page’ where residents can have their views printed (signed or anonymous) and running discussions can take place.  Please send contributions to the Editor by:

Post/Hand: 61 Holmewood Gardens

Fax: 0208 671 9293

Email: sarah.prynn@virgin.net


There will also be a separate meetings dedicated to HomeZones.  All local residents are welcome to attend these meetings.  We would also like to establish a support group for any people wishing to get directly involved in the project.  Look out for further details in the special HomeZone newsletter.


Finally, there is an interesting UK Home-

Zones web site at: www.homezones.org/  Take a look.


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grassroots                        by Grassroots


A sense of community has always played an integral role in the life of Miranda Hudson, resident for twelve years at 14 Holmewood Gardens. This spirit, combined with her passion for the Arts, has inspired her to launch a voluntary arts organisation, based in Brixton, called Grassroots. With the aim of “promoting easy art in usual places for everyday people”, this company of young, dynamic artists hopes to help push a revival and make the arts a key focus, enjoyable and accessible to all.

The exciting debut of Grassroots involves a multi-faceted art exhibition at Brixton’s very own Ritzy Cinema from March 12th – April 9th. (See ‘What’s on In Brixton’).  The exhibition itself consists of <mailart> and <slideart>. Reading SPACE AND TIME: between the lines’ will be the central exhibition in the Ritzy Crush Bar. It considers the power and emotional impact of personal mail through the narratives of three women who were far from home.  The work is guaranteed to be poignant, witty and visually enticing.


The developing slide show entitled ‘Brixton’s Own Faces of the Century’ will be on for 4 weeks in the Ritzy Café - a relaxing place with a good menu and great view of the Town Hall.  The slide show will develop from initially providing a powerful visual history of the <mailart> artists involved, to being a donation-based collection of snap shops from the local community.  We need the stories your family photos tell, to show the collective true life of Brixtonians.  This slide exhibition will change weekly during the 4 week run, gaining momentum with each vital input.


We all have a story to tell, so get involved….The Body Shop, Traid and the Tate Library are each submitting snapshots to chart how they themselves are works-in-progress in Brixton.  As part of the organic, community-focused nature of their work Grassroots are urging you the Brixton community, to submit photo or slide entries narrating your life and interests, to the project.  So hunt out your slides or photos with and get on board…


The organisers have been busy making sure all parts of Brixton’s community are included. As well as involving the older residents in their press department, there is a Children’s Map-Drawing

Competition aimed at local schools, youth centres and libraries, (forms available in the Ritzy Café and Tate Library).  Prizes are being given in April by the former Mayor of Lambeth, Marion Schumann, and writing/ painting/drawing prizes have all been kindly donated by Kingshield Art & Stationers in Brixton. 


The idea, that received a brilliant response from a drop in by Miranda to Holy Trinity School, is to get children creative in an area they are all informed about: where they live. We ask for a map of their devising showing all the elements that they like in the area that they have selected to draw/paint or collage. This fun competition encourages children to consider how we identify our environment through mapping. This forms a starting point for thinking about the exhibition, which explores the impact and intimacy of personal communication and the evolving construction of identity in this hectic, hi-tech world. The staff from Grassroots are flying the competition on Saturdays in the Ritzy cinema foyer should any one like to ask further questions about the project.       


So you have heard what the organisers are doing. How are you going to get involved in your local community?  Come down on the opening (Sunday 12th March)! Submit photos to 14 Holmewood Gardens (please attach an explanation of each photo submitted) and become part of ‘Brixton’s Own Faces of The Century’. Encourage any children in your household to get creative with their Map entries.  When you go down to the public opening on Sunday 12th (before the press night on the Tuesday 14th) please do fill out our ‘Response to <MAIL ART>’ and ‘Response to <SLIDE ART>’ books to automatically join our mailing list for future events.  Perhaps a dance of Hipopera is the next Grassroots treat for locals. 


Thanks from us at Grassroots, Brixton. 


4 4 4


Crime Report        by Dene Ledwidge



Whilst in general local crime rates are fairly low there has been an increase in the number of cases of Graffiti.  Graffiti is an American term for what is nothing less than criminal damage.  The offenders write on, or spray paint, walls and other surfaces causing distress to private residents and unsightly areas throughout our neighbourhood.  One piece of Graffiti soon attracts other pieces and it is important that they are dealt with as quickly as possible.  You should report each incident to police as an allegation of criminal damage. Police should attend the site and take photographs and you should specifically ask for a crime reference number and the name of the investigating officer.  You made need to be firm with police when reporting this type of offence as there have been occasions when Brixton police have trotted out the ‘’Unless you know who did it there’s not much we can do’’ line.  This is just an apathetic attitude.  Insist they take the report.  Remember that if the graffiti is on public property, park signs, walls, council premises etc then it will be removed free and speedily if reported.  Graffiti on private boundary walls and property will be removed free in the first instance and for a nominal charge if further offences occur.  Call Grimebusters on 0181 769 7905 to report graffiti for removal. They are very professional and act quickly. 




Prostitutes are making themselves at home on the corner of Holmewood Road and Brixton Hill and can be seen at times as diverse as 6pm and 6am.  Hand in hand with prostitution come drugs, needles, aggressive clients and the harassment of lone female pedestrians.  They have been taking their clients into the green in Holmewood Gardens and also to the top end of Cotherstone Road next to the school.  Used condoms have been found in both areas, particularly unpleasant for young children going to school.  Our neighbourhood is getting a reputation as a red light area and I urge you to report all prostitute sightings to local police.  The local police vice squad is entirely inadequate and no extra funds will be allocated to them whilst local people keep quiet and accept the prostitute influx.  I am considering raising a petition from local people and presenting it to both Brixton police station and to Lambeth council to encourage them to take more effective action.  Your support would be appreciated.  Report any prostitute-related problems to Brixton Police on 0181 649 2061 and always ask for a reference number and the name of the officer you are speaking to.  You may get an answerphone but please leave a message outlining your concerns.


Other crime related matters.

There is a continued presence of aggressive windscreen washers at the Streatham Cross junction.  Primarily refugees, they continue to harass lone female drivers.  Don’t give them money, as this will only encourage them.  Their behaviour is an offence but one which local police appear reluctant to deal with. Please report sightings to police.  Call Brixton Police on 0181 649 2061.


Finally please keep an eye out for the selfish dog owner that continually lets his animal foul the footpath in Holmewood Road and Cotherstone Road.  Subtle warnings placed on lamp posts have served as no deterrent and sightings should be reported to Lambeth Streetscene on 0171 926 9000.  They will arrange for dog faeces to be cleaned up and will prosecute offenders if they can be identified.  The fines range from £25 fixed penalty to £1000 if prosecuted through the courts.


Residents have also mentioned that some newcomers to the area do not seem aware that the Children’s Play Area is out of bounds to dogs.  Please will you exercise your dog in the dog park.  Thank you.

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Treasurers Report   by Dene Ledwidge


The HNA coffers are in need of some tender loving care and a bit of topping up.  It has been a year since my last begging letter was sent out.  On that occasion I asked if each household would contribute £1 towards the running of the HNA.  Out of 250 households I had only about 20 replies.  Those who did reply were very generous, giving up to £5 each.  I am sure that there were other people who were willing to give but what with one thing and another never found the time to return the envelope.  This year, no hard sell, no envelopes and above all no pressure.  Just a heart felt plea begging you to take pity on the HNA and bail us out for another year.  £1 is less than the cost of a half-pint of beer.  So please be generous and drop an envelope through my door with your donation.  You won’t get the half pint but you’ll go away with a warm and rosy glow knowing you’ve done something for your community.  I've possibly laid it on a little thick but you’ve got to try.  Donations can be dropped in at No 4 Cotherstone Road.  Put your details on a piece of paper if you would like a receipt.


Fund raising


Any ideas for fund raising would be appreciated.  Last year I appealed for unwanted items that could be sold and one kind couple donated a fire back which when cleaned fetched £40.  Any other items gratefully collected and received (within reason).  I had hoped to organize a raffle last year but with pressures of work etc. etc…. excuses I know, this fell through.  Any donations for a possible raffle would also be appreciated.  Please contact me direct on 0956 419 573.   Don’t worry about the cost as I’ll call you straight back.

4 4 4


What’s On In Brixton

by Marion Schumann

Restaurant Update


Terra firma

Well we have a new restaurant/Café on Brixton Hill called ‘Terra Firma’.  Italian style food, for vegetarians and non-veges, fresh, mouth watering, try the home-made deserts, wow!!!!. They also do healthy brunches! Prices are good. Open all day, 7 days a week at the moment, but they plan to open for evenings as well in the Summer they tell me, so go and enjoy the delicious menu, you certainly will be on ‘Terra Firma.’

And well worth a visit. Give it a try !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Support your local Cafés & Restaurants




I have spoken to the owners who have stated that they have yet to decide what to do with the premises.


More, on other restaurants in Brixton and the surrounding areas in the next issue.

4 4 4




Adventures in Motion Pictures:

’ Swan Lake’

Matthew Bourne’s celebrated all male staging. Go and see this ballet you will be in for a pleasant surprise!!!!!!!!! At the Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Ct. Rd, (tel. 0171-656-1888) Performances 3pm & 7.45pm. Ticket prices £10-£35


Michael Clarke

Yes, he’s back!!! The Punk dancer is back, a mixture of modern & classical dances with a punk difference. Michael will be performing with the band ‘Wire’. Tel. Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, SE1 0171-960-4242. Performances 7.30pm tickets  £14-£16. Concessions may be available. Go and see this!!!


Ashton Revisited

2 excellent ballets at the Royal Opera House, ‘Marguerite & Armand’ and ‘Les

Rendezvous’. If you have not been to the newly refurbished Opera House, well now is your opportunity. I have not been as yet, but will go to see one of these ballets.


Sir Frederick Ashton was the Royal Opera house’s founding choreographer and a great talent. Tel.  ROH 0171-304-4000; Performances 7.30pm, tickets £6-£47 concessions available.


Una Noche De Tango

Come and see the spectacular original dance troupe from Argentina, Tango por dos  X2. ‘The Times’ called it ‘A sultry mix of sex and music’. Well surely that’s tempting!!!

4 4 4




<Mail Art>  & <Slide Art>

‘Reading Space and Time Between the Lines’

by Miranda Hudson, Imogen Carter & Charlotte Wimhurst.


(See also Article on ‘Grassroots’)


A Gallery exhibition of the power and emotional impact of personal mail.  Narratives between 3 women working abroad in Japan, Denmark and Canada.


Exhibition runs for 4 weeks from 12th march to 9th April at Brixton’s Ritzy cinema.

Public Opening – 12th March

Launch/Press Night – 14th March


Additional slide shows in

‘Brixton’s Own Faces of the Century’

A developing slide show that requires the participation of local residents and organisations alike.  Upstairs from the Crush Bar Gallery in the atmospheric Ritzy Café.  This dual event organised by a voluntary organisation promoting easy art in usual places for everyday people.


For further information and invitations to the Launch Night, contact:


Tel: 0208 674 7911 / Fax: 07930 349 044



Tel: 0208 674 7911 / Fax: 07990 355 694

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A list of theatres close to Brixton, well, not too far away and definitely worth a visit, because the theatres themselves are interesting, full of history and are pleasant surroundings to be in. So:-


Battersea Arts Centre

Lavender Hill, SW11 tel. 0171-223-2223 for programme & prices of tickets.


Landor Theatre

Landor Rd, SW9 tel. 0171-737-7276 (Tues. – Sats. only)


Riverside Studios

Crisp Rd, W6 (Hammersmith), tel. 0181-237-1111


The Oval House

Oval, Kennington SE1 tel. 0171-582-7680


Man in the Moon Theatre

Kings Rd, SW3, tel. 0171-351-2876


Chelsea Centre Theatre

World’s End Place, SW10, tel. 0171-352-1967 (just off the King’s Rd).


The Wimbledon Theatre

The Broadway, SW19 tel. 0181-540-0362


The Grace Theatre at the Latchmere Pub

(lovely place!), Battersea Park Rd, SW11 tel. 0171-794-0022


Young Vic Studio

The Cut, SE1 tel. 0171-928-6363


Royal George Theatre

Tanners Hill, SE8 (Deptford) tel. 0181-692-2594


The Albany Theatre

Douglas Way, SE8 (Deptford) tel. 0181-692-4446


Saucy Jack’s Cabaret Bar

Crucifix Lane, SE1, tel. 0171-378-9828


Brockley Jack Theatre

Brockley Rd, SE4 (lovely atmosphere!) tel. 0181-291-6354


Warehouse Theatre

Dingwall Rd, Croydon, tel.  0181-680-4060


Blue Elephant Theatre

Bethwin Rd,SE5 tel. 0171-701-0100


The Lyric Studio

King Street, W6 (Hammersmith), tel. 0181-741-2311


The Barbican Centre

Barbican, EC2 , tel. 0171-638-8891

This month the Barbican is concentrating on the Continent of Africa, so those of you, who like African Music, Dance, Poetry, Cinema, Pottery, Metal Work and Batik, then come to the ‘Roots &Shoots Festival’.  It starts on 4th March running till the 15th March 2000.


This where I will be going, some of the films in the Festival have already been on Channel 4’s African Season in the 80s, and are certainly worth seeing, films such as ‘Finye’ (The Wind); ‘Saraounia- Warrior Queen’.


The Festival offers a great deal and there will be workshops for families to participate in i.e. music, dance, pottery and mask making and African Instruments.


The musicians’ line up comprises of:


You can see it’s going to be a great festival !!!!!!!!!! So come along and enjoy the whole Continent of Africa, North, South, West and the East.!!!

4 4 4




Brixton Ritzy tel. 0171-737-2121 for programmes


Clapham Picture House tel. 0171-498-3232 for programme.


ABC Streatham tel.192 for no.


Odeon Streatham tel. Tel 192 for no.

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Marion Schumann compiles the HNA Entertainment Guide.


Goodbye Folks ‘That’s all for now’

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Is anyone interested in helping form an HNA babysitting circle?  No fees involved, just a very simple voucher system.  Please call Judith on 0208 674 3697


Can you Help?

Nanny/nannyshare/childminder wanted for our lively, sociable and active 3 year old son (at local nursery 5 mornings a week), and for his 3 month old sister, for 3-4 days a week from May.  We are looking for an energetic, loving, cheerful and experienced carer who will create a stimulating, educational but above all fun and loving environment.  You must like walking and going to the park, as well as be able to drive and take our son to music classes etc.  Car driver and non-smoker with full references essential.  If you or anyone else you know can help, please call 0208 674 3697.