Minutes of the committee meeting on Weds 4 April 200

8pm at Duncan's house.


Present: Duncan, Derek, Sarah, Delle, Peter, (Jeff Thomas at the invitation of the committee),

Marion arrived at 8.45

Apologies: Kristin




1. update on current state of progress concerning the Homezone.

2. timetable for the Homezone Greenprint exhibition and the follow-up public meeting.

3. AGM, (inc nominations and election, a speaker?)

4. Newsletter

5. Planning issues

6. AOB


Derek mentioned budget produced by Matt Davies on the provisional Green Print plan. It totals just under 1m. So far funds identified are 210,000 from central government; 30- 40,000 which would have to be spent on re-surfacing in the near future anyway. In addition to this there would be money from a different pot for childrens play. Estimated cost is about 100,000 which would be raised by match funding. Sarah Bennet has intimated that various sizeable funders such as the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) would be interested in funding chunks of the capital cost of a Home Zone. The involvement of local people in raising this funding and in controlling the project is vital.


IT has been suggested that HNA write to Keith Hill asking that the DETR which has promoted this pilot scheme should come up with some money. Duncan to draft.


Matt's plans to have the plans and perspective (and model) ready for exhibition the weekend of Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May. It will take place in the Christ Church School hall as before. It was suggested that the exhibition should culminate in a public meeting where arguements can be aired before they are taken away to be presented finally for ratification at another meeting 2 weeks later on the afternoon of Sat 9 July.


Duncan will take this up with Matt in time for us to advertise in the Newsletter .


It was proposed that we have our AGM before this exhibition and a date around Wednesday 2 May was proposed. It would be necessary to get the newsletter out by Wed 18 April (Easter week). Sarah asked for all text by a deadline of Wed 11 April. Please emailto sprynn@azurassociates.com as a Word attachment.


The Newsletter should contain headline advert for the AGM, something (Duncan originate) asking for nominations, a report on the last meeting with updates on Prostitution; the chair's, secretary's and treasurer's report so that they don't have to be read out at the AGM; an update on the Homezone together with a headline advert for the Green print exhibition and any public meetings during or after it; the HNA directory perhaps to be originated by Derek. (It should be updated to include email addresses); the Holmewood Neighbourhood Website address: www .holmewood.org.uk


Dene will send out cheques from the' consultation fund' .( done )


Holmewood Neighbourhood Association Committee


Derek Hoare


Duncan Law


Dene (pron. Dane) Ledwidge


Sarah prynn


Peter Robinson


Marion Schumann


Kristin Stott


Jeff Thomas