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Note: This video project has now been completed

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Dear Sir or Madam,





You may have heard about the Participation Planning Programme for Holmewood Neighbourhood Association.



The Programme is very comprehensive and includes a Youth Project for teenagers in the Holmewood Neighbourhood. The Youth Project aims to discover how teenagers respond to their local neighbourhood and streets. The medium of video and music will be used for this programme and a sheet with details is enclosed. The video will be shown later on in the programme and will help to share the ideas of the young people in the area.


If you have a son or daughter who would like to take part, or know of any suitable candidates for the project, then please pass on the information,.


Interested people should write to me as soon as possible. I have 10 places available and will be allocating them on a first come basis.




Yours faithfully,


Matt Davies




Outline Project

Video Workshops


This is a video workshop for teenagers. The aim of the project is to give teenagers from the Holmewood neighbourhood an introduction to video production while they express themselves by making a video of their favourite place in their neighborhood.


Teenagers are big users of television and video entertainment products. This workshop will give them a unique opportunity to become creators of video, instead of just being passive viewers of it. This experience will open their minds to a new perspective on television, which is an everyday component of their lives.


The final outcome of the project will be a video with a compilation of the student's work in which we display the final product made in the workshops.



To explore video as a tool for expressing our ideas and ourselves.

To create an understanding of the process of video for television, from conceptualization to the final product. To create 5 minutes of video


Professional Context:

Competence in the basic operation of digital video which is part of the general knowledge of the entertainment industry.


Suggested Methodology:


First developing and finalizing a storyboard of your idea

Then planning the schedule and finding locations, interviewers, etc


Shooting your storyboard


Paper edit of the material you have been shooting.

Finding the music

Editing your material



Camera, microphone, editing suite.


Workstation Requirements:




By the end of this course you will:

Understand different possibilities of using a camera.

Have a clear understanding of the production of professional video.

Finish 5 minutes of video


First day:

Class: Introduction to video production.

Pre-production, production, Post-production ,

Pre-production: research and proposal.


Second day:

Class: language of video (close up, middle shot etc.),

Script (idea, development of the idea and script writing)


Third day:

Pre-production: Looking for location, finding the interviewers and making the budget. Schedule of the shooting.

Library footage (newspaper, old images, other films, archive)


Fourth day:

Shooting: (camera, lighting and sound.)


Fifth day:

Shooting (camera)


Sixth day:

Post-production (Paper edit, Transcription of interviews, time code )


Seventh and Eight day



Dates: The workshops will be held mid August, dates to be confirmed.