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Thank you to all that participated in the PLANIT WEEKEND on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of December.  Over 100 people attended over the course of the two days, including local councillors and representatives from Lambeth Transport and local MP and Transport Minister Keith Hill MP.  The entire event was recorded on video camera and will be available in due course.



Despite the rain and the sodden ground, the events in the gardens on Saturday attracted much interest.  The marquee created a focus to events in the Gardens and was the venue for hot soup at lunch.


The banner painting workshop

This was run by Annabelle Dawson.  Banners painted by Holmewood residents were attached to the gates to the Gardens at the end of the day.


The willow sculpture workshop

This was conducted by Vimmi Vatish and inspired a number of avid followers to take up a new art form.  On the day residents were able to produce small woven willow pieces, while Vimmi completed and donated a woven willow seat.


The wood sculpture workshop

This was run by Friedle Bucking and also attracted a considerable audience. Residents were moved to create a mosaic out of tiles and grout, while Friedle himself gave a wood carving demonstration and created a number of sculptures on the day.  Friedle donated a duck and left the table and chair over night. Unfortunately, the wooden chair was stolen. Please call us on 020 7729 8630 if you can help recover the chair.


The Holmewood youth project video  

This was the final event to take place in the gardens.  For the first public screening of the youth video, the marquee was packed with a captivated audience.




Mosaic in progress.

Banner painting workshop.

Willow sculpture workshop.




Over the course of the two days, the School Hall was the venue for an exhibition of the entire participatory planning programme so far, a model of the area and a number of planning events.


Holmewood Model

The photo-realistic model of the Holmewood area was very well received. It allowed everyone to immediately identify with it while generating a constant discussion about the area amongst participating residents and visitors.


The Wish List Game

All the recorded wishes of Holmewood residents, in particular relating to the environment, were incorporated in the form of the Wish List Game.  Residents were invited to read the wish cards and if in agreement, place them onto the board according to whether they wanted the items now, sooner or later.


Garden Design Competition

There were 15 entries to this competition generating a diversity of ideas for the regeneration of the Gardens. The standard of the entries were extremely high and we will be awarding prizes to the following entries;


Sarah Dean, 1 Maplestead Road

Jamal, c/o Jeff Cummins, 68 Holmewood Gardens

Alice Codner, 23 Maplestead Road

Jessica & Emily Parsons, 12 Holmewood Gardens.


Traffic Options

Residents were given an opportunity to study all the information collated throughout the participation programme, culminating in a series of traffic options for the area.


Comments / Feedback Sheets

Residents were asked to fill in comment sheets, stating the traffic-related proposals they preferred, and also which environmental and social improvements they desired.


Prize Draw

All residents that attended the ‘Planit Weekend’ were automatically entered into a prize draw.  The house number drawn as the winner of an organic food hamper was  56 Holmewood Gardens.



Planet Earth are now in the process of analysing the Comment Sheets, The Wish List Game results and the winners of The Garden Design Competition. Our findings will form the basis of the next stage of the planning process, which is drawing up the Green Print.  The Green Print is a plan of proposals for the area, costed and phased over a time period.

In order to achieve the Green Print, we shall be making decisions on how best to represent the wishes and opinions of the residents, which have been raised throughout the participation programme.

Upon completion, a draft will be presented to residents and Lambeth Council for comment before the final Green Print is issued.

If you missed the Planit Weekend and would like to register your comments please call:
Planet Earth
020 7729 8630

Model of the area.

The Wish List Game.

Garden Design Competition.

Residents looking at traffic proposals