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Two meetings were held on 15 November, at 10.00 am and 7.30 p.m. Both the morning meeting and the evening session were very well attended with approximately 60 residents coming out to participate.


Both sessions concentrated on the essential issues of Traffic and Rat-running (traffic that uses Holmewood as a short cut). The topic group reports were displayed in large format, the traffic group being the focus of the meeting. It was agreed that unless measures were taken to eliminate through traffic nothing else could be achieved.


Road closures are the only effective means of stopping rat running and both meetings were supportive of looking at experimental road closures. Holmewood Road would particularly benefit from closure to stop the influx of prostitutes and kerb-crawlers. The Brixton Police were at the meeting to confirm this. A final account of the meeting can be found at http://www.holmewood.org.uk


In preparation for the 'Plan It' Weekend, 3 possible options are printed here for your consideration.




Key data from the traffic survey by MVA was presented together with other graphic & statistical information on the dangers of traffic travelling at high speeds in Holmewood.

[Click on an image to view full size]











Using a large-scale plan of the area, the heaviest traffic routes and rat-runs were shown. Various ideas were put forward by individuals in the meeting to relieve the area from this constant traffic. Many options were discussed in detail. Residents were largely in favour of using road closure and traffic calming measures. Basic options will be drawn up and presented at the forthcoming 'Plan It' Weekend. 3 options are included below for your consideration.

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Below we have shown 3 options for relieving the Holmewood area of its through traffic problems, derived from the traffic planning exercise conducted with residents at the previous meetings.


The options give us a basis from which to develop detailed proposals for the area. There are many other issues, which we shall be addressing at the 'Plan It', weekend, such as the need for speed restrictive measures within the area.


The pros and cons of these options are as follows:

OPTION 1 -Holmewood & Cotherstone Road Closures


Stops rat-runs through the area

Stops kerb-crawling from Brixton Hill


Residents will have to use Upper Tulse Hill and other minor roads.

OPTION 2 -Holmewood. Maplestead Rd & Holmewood Gardens Closures


Stops rat-runs through the area

Stops kerb-crawling from Brixton Hill

Traffic remains on major routes A23 and A2OS


Only one way in & out of area via Cotherstone Rd

OPTION 3 -Holmewood Rd Closed & Cotherstone One-way (Exit only)


Stops main current rat-runs through the area

Stops kerb-crawling from Brixton Hill


Through Traffic might be pushed to Upper Tulse Hill and other minor roads.

New major rat-run might come from north of Holmewood Gardens out onto Christchurch Road.




The 'Plan It' Weekend is to be held on 9-10 December at the Christchurch School Hall on Christchurch Road (adjacent to church). Proceedings will commence at 11.00 am on the Saturday and 1.00 p.m. on Sunday. Residents will have an opportunity to view and comment on the planning options conceived in the previous meetings.


The 'Plan It' Weekend will give residents a final opportunity to 'have their say' on all the issues raised throughout the participation programme. Planet Earth have aimed to enliven the process throughout by actively engaging people of all ages in a series of workshops and events, and wish to continue this methodology throughout the 'Plan It' Weekend.


Over the course of the two days we will be organising a series of events and workshops that provide a source of fun, activity and entertainment while at the same time addressing the issues raised by residents in previous meetings.


Weather permitting, we are endeavouring to organise some events outside in the Gardens and the streets about which there has been so much debate. There will also be a marquee in the Gardens from which we will be serving 'Hot Soup', among other refreshments. At dusk, we will be lighting a bonfire in the Gardens.


At Christchurch School Hall, we will be displaying documentation of the process to date. This will include diaries of all meetings, children and youth group workshops.


The youth workshop culminated in the making of a video made by young people from the area. We will be showing the first screening of the video over the 'Plan It' Weekend.


There will also be a model of the area, which we aim to use to generate ideas for the redesign of areas of the Gardens, such as children's play areas.


As has been already mentioned, one of the purposes of the 'Plan It' weekend is to display planning options and to gather comments and opinions from residents. At the end of the two days, we want to be in a position to prepare the 'Green Print'. This is a plan of costed proposals to be implemented over a given period.