Holmewood Neighbourhood Association

20 October 2000

Holmewood Neighbourhood Association
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Date: Friday 20 October 2000

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing to inform you that the date of the next Public Participation Meeting is Wednesday 15 Novemeber

In order to gain the opinion of a wider Section of the community, we shall be holding two meetings on the 15th; one at 10:00 in the morning and one at the regular time of 7:30 in the evening. Both meetings will take place at the Friends Meeting House.

All Holmewood residents are invited to attend either of the meetings. However, by holding the earlier meeting at 10 a.m. We aim to encourage the involvement of parents of young children or others, who may find it difficult to get out late for various reasons. 

Many Positive things came out of the last meeting: 

We established the principles upon which residents wish to develop the Holmewood home zone; we proposed solutions to the main problems faced by residents; and we looked at and discussed initial concept sketches for Possible design Options. The minutes of which can be found on the Holmewood web site.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that conflicts exist between those people who discussed, for example, traffic issues and those that discussed children. Planet Earth are in the process of working up design options based on solutions put forward by Holmewood residents. The purpose of the meeting on the 15th will be to view the design options, discuss their pros and cons and resolve conflicts that exist between different discussion groups and individuals. 

Further News 

In response to concerns that the height of shrubs around the perimeter of the gardens are too high for reasons of personal safety, Derek Hoare has been in contact with Lambeth Parks Department about lowering the height of the shrubs. This is an issue that can be acted upon almost immediately, and it has been agreed with Parks that the shrubs will be lowered shortly. 

We have been informed that the Transport Research Lab are planning to put CCTV cameras at certain locations within the Holmewood Gardens area as a part of their monitoring for the DETR. The cameras are up for a week, there are 4 cameras in total to be located in: Holmewood Rd, Holmewood Gdns. (North), Holmewood Gdns. (South) and Maplestead Rd. We have been assured that the cameras will not infringe on personal privacy and will not point into any windows 

It is essential that you attend the Public Participation Meeting so that the widest range of opinions can be represented. We look forward to seeing you on the 15th November at either 10.00 a.m. or 7.30 pm. at the Friends Meeting House

We are aiming to hold a concluding event sometime in December 

Yours faithfully, 

Matt Davies MLI 

Practice Principal