Holmewood Neighbourhood Association

11 September 2000

Holmewood Neighbourhood Association
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Date: 11 September, 2000


Dear Sir or Madam,




I am writing to inform you that the date of the next meeting for all Holmewood residents has been changed to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday 20 September

I apologize if this has caused inconvenience to anyone, but would ask that you do try to attend so that you can have your say and influence the participation process at the earliest Opportunity.


The meeting of topic group leaders took place on Tuesday 5 September, earlier than originally arranged to give us a better chance to respond to the feedback and prepare for the 20th.


It appears that some people have misunderstood the role of the topic group leaders. They are not 'leaders' in the sense that they will dictate what will happen regarding traffic or the gardens. They are simply there to record residents' views and ideas regarding the issues, and feed back to us the Project Coordinators.


No decisions have been taken yet. The purpose of the next meeting on the 20th will be to:


  1. Establish the principles,


  1. Visualize the options, and


  1. Analyse the pros and cons of each option


There are of course members of the community for whom it is inconvenient to attend evening meetings; in particular some of the over-fifties and parents of young children. We are in the process of arranging a meeting for either one weekday morning or during a weekend especially to engage those residents.


The date of which shall be confirmed shortly.


Finally, to correct an error made in our previous letter, the website address is:




Yours faithfully,


Matt Davies