Holmewood Neighbourhood Association

18 August 2000

Holmewood Neighbourhood Association
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Date: 18 August, 2000


Dear Sir or Madam,




The date of the next meeting has been changed to

Wednesday 20th September at 7:30pm in the Friends Meeting House


I hope you managed to attend the last meeting on Monday 14th August 2000 at the Friend's Meeting House. Thank you for coming if you did. I was very pleased with the turn out.


As requested, please keep talking to your neighbours and other residents about the different topics and information which we distributed. As you may be aware, different topic group leaders are appointed to record your thoughts and ideas. Please leave any comments you may have with them. These will enable them to complete their reports on the views of the entire neighbourhood.


On Monday 11th of September at 7.30pm I would like to meet the topic group leaders to review their reports prior to the main meeting the following week. The topics and group leaders are listed as follows .



Dan Thompson

(tel no 020 8671 0312)





Sonya Devi

(tel no 020 8678 1251)





Derek Hoare

(tel no 020 8674 0063)





Christin Stilt

(tel no 020 8671 0212)






Jeff Thomas

(tel no 020 8671 4388)


After collation, your findings will be studied and form the basis of our next meeting with the residents of Holmewood Gardens on Monday the 20th of September at 7.30pm at the Friend's Meeting House. The purpose of this meeting will be to prepare sketches and plans to help you to firm up and visualise Holmewood Neighbourhood's Vision.


If you would like to lead a topic group of your own, please contact me directly with your suggestions. We would welcome any ideas, and are currently looking for a dog walkers topic group.


Please come to the next meeting on the 18th September and bring as many of your fellow local residents as possible. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Yours faithfully,


Matt Davies