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Home Zone artists impression Home Zone artists impression
Green Print layout
Layout Key
Example plan of Home Zone and the key to the plan.
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The purpose of the proposals is to create a safe, beautiful and sustainable environment for the residents to live in, addressing the issues that were voiced and explored by the residents throughout the participation process. The design embodies the knowledge received from the participation process and adheres to the principles of the Home Zone philosophy.
The 'Green Print' seeks to retain the existing Victorian character of the area without the blight of road humps, chicanes and other traffic calming interventions. By drawing the underused central green into the surrounding roads, we redefine the perceptions of the existing boundaries. This creates an environment which no longer visually delineates between carriageway, pavement and green. Consequently the overall area becomes the green. By altering these environments we challenge the hierarchy of space and routes, thus the area becomes one shared space which has been shown to radically affect driver behaviour. Internal elements and spaces are stretched and pulled into the external. In line with the Home Zone idea, the design is based upon observed characteristics and is unique to the place.
Flyer for Green Print Proposal
Details of the Green Print Exhibition of Proposals (including layout map), organised by Planet Earth.