Holmewood Neighbourhood Association

PUBLIC MEETING & UPDATE on 13th February 2002

Holmewood Neighbourhood Association
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When: 13th February 2002

Time: 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Venue: Friends Meeting Hall

Come and find out what's happening with the Holmewood Home Zone

Yes it is finally happening!!!!!

As you are aware, we have had many problems obtaining approvals for road closures in the Home Zone. Both the police and ambulance services have objections to the scheme and we can update on these reasons at the meeting. In the last notice we said that we would try to progress the closures but would look at implementing some of the road treatments and designs to get the home zone ball rolling.

STEP 1: Come to the meeting and see the plans. The plans address road treatments and entry treatments to the area without closing the roads. These treatments address the concerns and issues your area identified.

STEP 2: Get involved by informing the detail design on some further elements

  • Decide on parking measures. Come and decide on the way ahead with Parking.

  • Decide on Children's Play. Join in a become part of the group that informs the detail design.

  • Decide on further road measures. Should we implement one-ways? Listen to the Highway Engineers facts!

    Plans for the Home Zone will be displayed

    Please come to the meeting and have your say!!

    For further information, contact Melanie Shears 02079260211 or email mshears@lambeth.gov.uk