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Transport and Highways Department

London Borough of Lambeth

Blue Star House

234 -244 Stockwell Road






29 July 2003


Dear Resident


RE: Holmewood Home Zone Consultation meeting feedback


Thank you to those residents who attended the meeting at Friends Meeting House on the 22nd of July. I hope you would agree that the meeting generated some useful outcomes and we can now see the way forward to the delivery of the Traffic Management Phase of the Homezone project.


This letter is to inform all residents of what happened at the meeting as well as set out the plan for getting the Traffic Management changes in place and Homezone works underway.


The traffic management measures as set out in the letter and plans (dated 10 July 2003), namely the Point of No Entry at the junction of Brixton Hill and Holmewood Road, and the emergency access only gate which blocks through traffic along Holmewood Road near the junction with Holmewood Gardens, were accepted in principal. It was anticipated that these changes would have a positive effect in cutting traffic flow and stopping 'rat-running' through the area.


However, concerns were raised over the design, placement and effect of proposed traffic calming works (raised tables, pinch points) on parking capacity in particular, and it was agreed that more work needed to be done to come to a design solution most suitable to all. To this end a decision was made to split the project into two stages as below:


1) The Point no Entry at Brixton Hill and Emergency Services Access gate blocking off Holmewood Road, to be put in place early September -and:


2) Traffic calming measures -pinch points, raised tables, build-outs and changes to parking etc. To be re-designed with help of residents by early September and delivered in November.


We are all aware that the Homezone project has taken some time to progress, this option is being pursued in order to put the Point of No Entry and Gate in place as soon as possible, whilst allowing time to make minor changes to the design of traffic calming measures.


It must be stressed that this is not a re-design of the whole scheme, and while changes may be made to placement, size and design/materials used in the traffic calming measures, the basic layout of the scheme will not differ greatly.


In order to speed up the final consultation process for the traffic scheme, six representatives to cover all areas of the Homezone have come forward to act as the contact point for myself and the design team.


The names and contact details of area representatives can be found attached to this letter. If you have a particular concern or issue you would like to raise in relation to the proposals, please contact the person allocated to your area before the 6th of September 2003.


The area representative will then meet with myself and the design team to pass on information gathered, and assist us to make whatever changes are possible within budget, design and technical limits. Once the plans have been amended and agreed upon, they will be sent back to the designers and traffic engineers for completion.


The new outline project timeline is now as follows


22 July 2003 - Residents meeting took place -way forward for design and implementation agreed.


July 2003 - Traffic Management Order for Point No Entry and closing off Holmewood Road (Stage 1) started -this is the first legal requirement for traffic 'bylaw' that allows us to do the work.


August 2003 - Resurfacing of Holmewood Gardens.


August 2003 - Area representatives to gather information on residents concerns and issues with current plans.


September 2003 - Point of No Entry and gate closing off Holmewood Road to through traffic put in place.


September 2003 - Design team to meet with area representatives to discuss issues and make amendments to plans for traffic calming proposals. Changes incorporated into scheme, final plans produced by designer and engineers.


October 2003 - Traffic Management Order for stage 2 submitted and advertised (6 weeks).


November 2003 - On-site construction of amended scheme begins.


December 2003 -Traffic Management Scheme completed.


I look forward to continuing to work with you to complete this stage of the Homezone project . If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in this letter please do not hesitate to contact me at the details below. Thank you.


Yours faithfully




Cameron Martyn

Special Projects Officer

Lambeth Council

Direct Line: 020 7926 0186


Lambeth Transport

Transportation & Highways Group

3rd Floor, Blue Star House

234-244 Stockwell Road

London SW9 9SP


Telephone 02079262124

Facsimile 02079262357






Please identify the area representative closest to your address and pass on any concerns or issues you may have with the current plans (dated 10 July 2003) before 5th  September 2003.


Brixton Hill Point No Entry

Robin Russell-Pavier - 3 Holmewood Road - ph 020 8671 8735


Holmewood Road/Holmewood Gardens Junction

Duncan Law - 46 Holmewood Road - ph 020 8678 6617


Junction at Northern End Holmewood Gardens

Sarah Thorley - 23 Holmewood Gardens- ph 020 8674 5447


Holmewood Gardens East

Sarah Prynn - 61 Holmewood Gardens - ph 07785 503803


Maplestead Road

Peter Robinson - 10 Maplestead Road - ph 020 8674 7171


Cotherstone Road

Dene Ledwidge - 4 Cotherstone Road - ph 07956 419573