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Feedback Form




A meeting with approximately 50 of the residents of the Holmewood Home Zone took place on 13 February 2002. The meeting included a summary of the progress to date, with information and updates from a Principal Transport Engineer, a question and answer session, and proposals for the way forward .


The main update in the meeting concerned the problems that we have had in trying to design and obtain approval for the road closures. These problems were mainly focused around the objections from the Emergency Services.


A decision was taken to progress three design options that would address the issues identified in the Home Zone. These designs take into account the results from the consultation process and the Police objections. Everyone at the meeting agreed that the design options should be consulted on. Each household in the Home Zone will receive the enclosed pack:


         The three design options

         A feedback form

         A free post envelope to return the form to Lambeth Transport.


Next steps

1. Please take some time to review the drawings of each of the design options.

2. Have your say by filling in the feedback form attached.

3. Return the form in the attached free post envelope by 29 March 2002.


When is it all going to happen?

After the closing date, we will review the responses from the feedback forms and all the answers will be evaluated. We will then produce a feedback report of the results, which will be distributed to each household by the 15 April 2002.


The option chosen will be based on the results of the consultation. We would then progress to construction



Attached are the three design drawings with details of each scheme's components. Each of these drawings address the following issues:

         Speeding traffic

         Reduction of rat-running

         Environmental improvements

         Improvements to street lighting

         Improvements to pedestrian walkways.


Please note the following:

         Each of these options contain upgrades to the street lighting

         On each option there are circled areas. These areas are earmarked for the next phase of environmental improvements - subject to additional funding.

         Volunteers from the residents of the Home Zone were asked if they would like to be involved in the brief for the children's play area. Please let us know if you would like to have input into the design of this area.