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Home Zone Update - 5th Dec 2001

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Lambeth Transport


Holmewood home zone Update


Dear Resident


Green Print Weekend


As you will remember, an exhibition weekend took place on 26th & 27th May 2001 at the Christchurch School, Cotherstone Road. This exhibition formed part of the Participation Process for the design and development of the Holmewood Home Zone. It included results of the Planit weekend, future proposals and a 'Green Print Plan' for comment and discussion. A summary of the results of the weekend, produced by Matt Davies from Planet Earth, will be distributed to you shortly.




One of the decisions that came from the weekend was to trial experimental road closures, and evaluate the results before the final decision for implementation is made.


From the consultation the preferred option (No.1) was to leave Cotherstone Road open and to close Holmewood Road. Fairview Place (Roupell) and Maplestead Road.


There was also an alternative option (No.2) which would be to have Maplestead Road open and Holmewood Road. Fairview Place (Roupell) and Cotherstone closed.


On detailed analysis and evaluation by traffic engineers and the services who require access (such as refuse collection) it was found that Option 1 and Option 2 are not immediately acceptable to the Ambulance, Police and Fire Services.


They are not completely opposed to the proposals for access to the area but they have asked for further time to deliberate on accessibility.


These Options meet the objectives initially identified and will help to solve the main problems which you identified;



Trial Closures


We are pursuing approvals for our proposals from the Emergency services but we have been unable to ascertain an implementation date as yet. For the time being we are proposing to continue detail design and implementation of the other elements of the Home Zone 'green print'. We would also propose to trial and evaluate some alternative parking arrangements with the help of local residents. We will be notifying you over the next few weeks of exact details of these plans.


Future Consultation


We will be keeping you closely informed on the progress of Traffic Management Orders for closures.


I would like to stress that nothing will be made permanent without your views being taken into consideration. At every stage you will be kept informed of the programme, any further design or involvement and the outcomes. In the meantime, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via the details below.


Yours sincerely


Melanie Shears

Special Projects Manager

Direct Line: 020 7926 0211

E-Mail: mshears@lambeth.gov.uk






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