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Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 11:45 AM
Subject: Homezone update

Dear All

Thank you for your emails re: the Homezone project. Please find below an update on the scheme which I trust will go some way to addressing your concerns and assure you the project is still moving and is, in fact, very close to (finally) delivering something on the ground.

We have obtained all Council approval required to progress with the project and have received the final scheme designs prepared by Planet Earth as a result of the extensive consultation undertaken on the Homezone. The designs were then passed on to a traffic and engineering design company - Parkman - for traffic analysis and technical plans to be drawn up that can be passed on to our term contractors -  Beach.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that Planet Earth's primary area of expertise is Landscape Design, some technical aspects of the scheme (such as kerb/roadway materials, some traffic flow aspects and swept path analysis which shows the amount of room vehicles like fire engines and waste collection lorries take to manoeuvre) did not stack up. I met with Parkman last Thursday and can confirm that the final sets of plans are due to be completed by the end of this week. I have also consulted with all emergency services to ensure the scheme is acceptable.

Once the traffic management plans are received we must then apply for the Traffic Order which is required for any aspect of the scheme relating to changes to traffic flow (such as the stopping up of Holmewood Road) and any parking changes. This will take approximately 6 weeks to be enacted.
However there are several aspects of the scheme that may be progressed without the traffic order - for example ordering materials and site preparation for traffic tables and new kerbing/road surfaces.

I am currently arranging to meet Beach with our Highways engineers late next week to discuss timetabling and priorities including how much of the project can be progressed before the traffic order is confirmed.

Once this can be determined I think it would then be best to hold a meeting with residents to discuss the final design/materials and timetabling of the project. This would allow sufficient time and scope to make any adjustment to materials and design before the works order is placed with Beach. Due to the amount of consultation already undertaken and feedback on previous plans, I am hopeful the final design will require little adjustment to meet residents expectations and approval.
Once the scheme is finalised I would estimate Beach may start on-site approximately a month after the works order is placed, all going well perhaps late June. The initial site preparation works should then fill the time lapse until the Traffic Order is approved and we can aim for a seamless transition on to the main scheme works.

As far as scheme funding is concerned, we have been in regular contact with TfL, who are satisfied that there is a commitment to spend the funding in this financial year and have therefore allowed the unspent allocation for the 2002/3 year to be rolled over.

I realise this is a bit long-winded but as you are aware the project has become rather complicated. Please also appreciate that I have recently been away on leave and, unfortunately, some aspects of obtaining approval and having consultants complete plans did not progress as anticipated, creating further delays.

The reason no residents update has yet been posted out is that I felt it may be best to wait until final designs were in and a meeting date could be included. This may have been a mis-judgement as it has been a slow process and for this I apologise. I would appreciate any suggestion for an appropriate meeting venue and also length of notice you would require (one/two weeks? longer?)

many thanks for your patience. I hope this has been of some use, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any clarification or to discuss any aspect of the above.

I look forward to presenting the scheme to you

kind regards

Cameron Martyn
Special Projects Officer
Lambeth Transport
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