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From: "Duncan Law" <__duncan@duncanlaw.charitydays.co.uk>
To: "Cameron Martyn"
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 9:23 PM
Subject: [HNA] HOMEZONE?

Dear Cameron,

I got a message that you and some colleagues had called on a day when I
happened to be away working. Sorry but that will happen from time to time to
keep body and soul together. Haven't heard anything from you. What
developments? We need to be consulted on materials and everything else.
Otherwise this whole expensive process is going to degenerate into tokenism
as regards being exemplary and participatory. Also if it's bright red
concrete paviers - which we have sworn against all along  - expect me to be
lying down in front of the bulldozers along with some neighbours. Find
pictures of the Northwood, Manchester homezone to see what we DO NOT WANT.
Please do communicate and we can begin the process of dialogue. Otherwise
ANOTHER summer will pass in silence and without benefit to the users of
Holmewood Gardens just when the streets are naturally being used most.

Hear from you soon. Sorry but I seem to be making most of the running in the
communicating stakes. Can that change please?


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