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Comments by Jeff Thomas on Tue Aug 8 14:01:46 BST 2000

Thank you for sending me the correct address for this site.
Here are a few comments :
1. I would suggest organising a pet-care group so that we can look after each
other's pets during holiday periods.
2. I strongly agree with the concerns expressed ont the "Home Zones - Concept" page i.e.:
a) that the scheme could delay response times of emergency services
b) that the scheme could make it difficult for delivery lorries and workmen'vans/skips to reach and park in front of our houses. Our houses are old and need a lot of repairs and refurbishing.
c) road humps and chicanes are unsightly
d) I am sure very few people would want to pay for the privilege of parking in front of their own houses when we have it now for free. I would not like it at all.
e) I would not like to see children playing in the roads, I do not wish my neighbourhood to be turned into a playground. The place for them to play is at home, on the green or other dedicated places, not in our streets. We love our own children but they must not be inflicted onto others.
f) Finally and very importantly, I wish to continue to be able to park in front of my own house as for me, a woman who often come back home from work in the middle of the night, it is a safety matter of the greatest importance.
Thank you for bringing these comments to the attention of others in the HNA.
Comments by Dedee on Wed Sep 6 07:35:50 BST 2000

The Home Zone - what a complete waste of time, all this hot air endless meetings and fancy plans and models - where has this got us - NOWHERE. Car break ins are out of control, prostitution continues and it takes 3 phone calls to even get the street swept. Lets get in the real world and jettison this white elephant that they call a home Zone and start pressuring Lambeth for something more sensible like CCTV and some speed bumps which seem to serve other London streets well enough.
Comments by Robin Russell-Pavier on Fri Jan 11 15:27:34 GMT 2002

I am in favour of the Homezone, particularly as I have children and am concerned for their safety. However, I am disappointed at the lack of progress and the lack of response from Lambeth Council (phone calls have not been returned). I do think a homezone has something to offer, but I am scptical about Lambeth's ability to deliverr anything at all given present progress (i.e. none).
Comments by A Parent on Wed Jan 16 20:29:25 GMT 2002

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Comments by Jeff Thomas on Tue Apr 12 14:01:46 BST 2003