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From: R. Hendy
To: Comments@Holmewood.org.uk
Subject: Holmewood neighbourhood
Date: 23 July 2001 20:31
I would like to congratulate everyone who is helping to improve and protect your neighbourhood.
I lived on Craster Rd until 1956,( when I moved to Canada), and very often would walk through Maplestead and Holmewood Rds to go to Brixton Hill.
Therefore I was very interested in the old photos and the book by Jill Dudman of Brixton and Norwood. I wonder if anybody could give me a little more information about the book-- when published, by which publisher, etc. so I will have a little more information to help locate the book .
I wish you all success with your projects, and I shall be following the progress from time to time on this site.
I have fond memories of Brixton - the Brixton of the thirties - but have never been able to find the time to visit for any length of time.

Thank you,
Ray Hendy
From: R. Hendy
To: Comments@Holmewood.org.uk
Subject: Holmewood neighbourhood
Date: 24 July 2001 03:08
Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the information to help me locate and purchase the Jill Dudman book 'Brixton and Norwood in Old Photographs'. I appreciate it.
Please feel free to post any of my messages on your site and also my Email address. I wonder how many of your members go back to the thirties and forties.

I go back to:
The Hop Pole a pub on Upper Tulse Hill opposite Ostade Rd.
Woods the butcher next door.
A fish and chip shop corner of Wimbart.
Moss the newsagent next door.
Mannings the 'oil shop' corner of Somers.
United Dairies close by.
Also The Telegraph (Pub) Brixton Hill

I'm really dating myself. But maybe someone else remembers. Wish I had some photos of that time but how many teenagers needed photographs back then?.
Best wishes to all your members. and if anyone would like to write they are welcome.

Ray Hendy Toronto, Ontario