Holmewood Neighbourhood Association

Duties Of Officers

Holmewood Neighbourhood Association
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Duties of Officers - minuted at meeting of 19th January 1998


The Chairperson shall :


††††††† 1††††† lead the Association to achieve its aims;


††††††† 2††††† run the meetings of the Association ;


††††††† 3††††† represent the Association at outside meetings ;


The Secretary shall :


††††††† 1††††† take and keep the minutes of the Associationís meetings ;


††††††† 2††††† send out notices of Association meetings;


††††††† 3††††† receive and reply to correspondence for the Association ;


The Treasurer shall :


1††††† open and maintain a banking account in the name of the Association

with at least three of the members as signatories and at least 2 signatures needed to withdraw funds ;


††††††† 2††††† keep an accurate account of income and expenditure of the Association ;


††††††† 3††††† pay bills and issue receipts ;


††††††† 4††††† ensure that accurate accounts are presented at the Annual General

Meeting to show the Associationís income and expenditure for the previous year.


All Officers and Committee members when representing the Association in consultation with any other body shall act on the instructions of the Association, and shall report back with relevant details to the following meeting.





Suggested areas of responsibility :


Roads & Traffic


Grounds Maintenance / Trees / Playground Equipment


Council Services - Street lighting / Street Cleansing / Refuse & Recycling etc.


Neighbourhood Watch & Crime Prevention


Newsletter & Publicity


Social Interaction